Susumo Azano: Making a Manager Out of You

Susumo Azano: Making a Manager Out of You

So you’ve worked as a general sales representative at an electronics supply company for the past four years. Your boss comes in — someone quit, and now there’s an open spot for the manager position. He offers it to you. Now that you have the “keys to the castle,” what are you going to do […]

Hard Day’s Work

Hard Day’s Work

Putting eight hours every weekday into something you love is hard — especially if it’s something you hate. Becoming a good employee is more than showing up on time and doing the mundane things you’resupposed to do. Working efficiently and rising high takes commitment, honesty, passion, and the get-up-and-go attitude the world’s best entrepreneurs maintain. […]

Building a Career

Building a Career

Architects are builders by nature. Since humans moved out of caves, architects have designed, planned, and constructed everything from ox carts to skyscrapers. Buildings with intrinsic culture and art have become city staples and marks of society, and designing them takes a broad wealth of knowledge and an innovational spirit. Architects have a lot on […]

  • Susumo Azano: Making a Manager Out of You
  • Hard Day’s Work
  • Building a Career

Susumo Azano is In the Chair

Susumo AzanoSusumo Azano, a Mexican citizen with Japanese descent, is the current chairman of Security Tracking Device SA CV out of Guadalajara, Mexico. His career path has taken many turns after earning a degree in architecture, but his background and experiences have prepared him well for a life as an entrepreneur, architect, and manager.

Susumo Azano received a degree in architecture from the University of Guadalajara, Mexico. Architecture courses hit the basics, but made sure to foster creativity, leadership, and a passion for art and culture. The program’s goal at UAG is to develop entrepreneurs who are able to design and manage sustainable urban development projects. UAG was founded in 1935, becoming the first private university in Mexico and has since graduated 120,000 students from across the world.

After graduating from UAG, Susumo Azano went to work at Grupo Azano in 1984. His educational background in architecture and entrepreneurship set him up for a general manager position. Grupo Azano is an engineering company in Mexico with more than four decades of proven architecture and construction projects. The builders at Grupo Azano specialize in high-security project, and the company made up of four different businesses:

  • TEI Construction: TEI Construction is a major competitor in the Mexican construction sector. Founded in the 1960s, the business sought out a way to meet higher demand and efficiency scaling. TEI partnered with AVANTI Construction and Factory Integrated Roofing structures in the 80s, and today is led by Susumu Azano Moritani (current CEO and president of TEI).
  • PEI Engineers and Associates: PEI was born out of the Azano Group to consult for TEI projects. The company specializes in urban development, which means fast-paced, innovative, and cost-efficient projects.
  • Rolados de Mexico: This Company established itself as a player in steel manufacturing in 1979. Today, they have an installed capacity of 36,000 tons of steel per year, and have helped TEI bring their projects to completion.
  • D&IS: This security design and print company began in 1989, and since has become a leading manufacturer in international patents, security products, and designing and printing high security documents. Clients include Mexican and international businesses.

GrupoAzano is responsible for dozens of major plants and homes in Mexico. Because of the diverse backgrounds and skillsets the conglomerate has, Grupo Azano can tackle everything from a middleclass home to an automotive plant, ensuring that every project is carried through on a well-specified timeline, is built with robust architecture, and fits a client’s price range.

But the group wasn’t his future. Susumo Azano left his general manager position with the group in 1994, and began a three-year stint as the chairman and CEO of TDI. The development company specialized in residential construction, and he was involved with more than 450 projects from 1995-1998. But his real passion and life’s work started after he left TDI and founded Security Tracking Devices SA CV in 1998.

Susumo Azano, Chairman of Security Tracking Devices SA CV

Security Tracking Devices SA CV specializes in a variety of new-wave ideas, but mainly stick to developing security and surveillance systems. The company began developing and implementing tracking devices for cargo vehicles in the 90’s, and later expanded its reach to encapsulate wireless security networks and government projects. In 2010 It won a contract with the Mexican Department of Defense (SEDENA), which brought it up to par with other major suppliers.

Security Tracking Devices SA CV government contracts are collaborations to help the defense of the state; these include systems to increase national defense, like its innovative technology that captures espionage calls and filters gang communication with real-time data. The technology is often aimed at inhibiting drug trafficking. In 2003, Security Tracking Devices SA CV installed a voiceover IP system for the country’s Social Security department — the largest VoIP system it has ever implemented. It has specialized in Homeland Security solutions since 2005, with the goal to increase border security and prevent smuggling and violence against the government, as well as developing monitoring and task force operations systems. Its work earned the company the Best Business Developer of Homeland Security Projects.

It’s no wonder why Susumo Azano fit so well as the company’s chairman. His architectural background prepared him for a range of projects and implementation organization, and his history with Grupo Azano helped him develop a firm managerial skillset.

What does Susumo Azano, as chairman, chair?

To some, the title “chairman” blends in with other corporate lingo: CEO, VP, Owner, President, Boss, etc. A chairman, in short, is the highest ranking member of a company. Each one has different duties depending on the business, but typically they are moderators and leaders of board meetings. When you have a board of directors made up of various points of view (which is important for company growth and diversity), a chairman harnesses the ideas together to develop a firm plan of action.

The board of directors does just that — they direct. The board creates vision and long-term plans and overall direction for the company, and the board then takes their ideas to the chief executive officer (or assistant, depending on the internal structure). The CEOof STDi is Mr. Walter Meade is in charge of the rest of the company’s organization and its Corporate and Government relations. And sometimes with newer technologies, growing companies, STDi chairman of the board is also the key for the new technologies STDi successfully been using across the globe in strategic partnerships.

Meetings, like most events when people are brought together to discuss everything, can become tedious and unproductive. It is up to a chairman to restore order and facilitate the agenda. If the board can’t get themselves together, who’s to say a company can?

They live the mission statement and goals they helped created. STDi maintain the confidenciality of all their client projects.

Susumo Azano has chaired Security Tracking Devices SA CV (his company) for more than a decade. In the company’s beginnings, it was he who found direction and took up the reigns during crises. A good chairman is a better manager, as well as a people person and excellent communicator. Combined with project management and architectural experience and the best technology developers in the world, with a proprietary command center designed by SusumoAzano,he has helped his companybecome aninternational force in security systems with highly demand in Europe, Middle East and Latin America.

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